Terminator: Dark Fate San Diego Comic-Con Featurette With New Fighting Footage

James Cameron, Linda Hamilton, and some other folks from the movie Terminator: Dark Fate talk about the movie while we watch more fighting footage, in this video that was shown today at San Diego Comic Con. Contains NSFW language, and of course, lots of violence. Terminator: Dark Fate opens November 19. -via io9

The Strange History of ‘Terminator’ Games

The Terminator has a strange history when it comes to video games. Though a good portion of the movies have been decent, oddly enough, there haven’t been many Terminator games that have actually lived up to the awesome hype of the films that came before them. DenOfGeek put together a list about the matter: Terminator […]

The NSA Actually Named a Program Skynet

Skynet actually exists. The Terminator movies weren’t lying to us. Run for your lives, protect your loved ones, and pray your last name isn’t Connor. Well, you really don’t need to worry about it unless you are a super shady type, at which point, Skynet is coming for you. From Gizmodo: Malevolent undertones of aspirations […]

Titan, Batman, And Star Wars, Oh My: The Best Week Of Trailers Ever

If you are a geek, which you probably are because you are on this site right now, you must still be catching your breath from all the awesome nerd trailers last week. In as long as I have lived my geek life, there has never been a week where as many amazing, geektastic trailers were […]