Top 5 times Batman killed people

The one thing many people love about Batman is that no matter how dark his life is, he doesn’t kill criminals. That’s one of his rules. The fine print is, it is a rule Batman breaks on the regular. Hell, play five minutes of the most recent Arkham game and it is clear to see many of these nameless “thugs” will never be walking again.

But in the five examples in the video above, Batman straight up KILLED dudes. I mean, a trash compactor? That is even sicker than some of the Joker’s sickest moments.

(Via ComicsExplained)


2 Responses to Top 5 times Batman killed people

  1. batman use to kill all the time when he first appeared even takin a gun from a criminal shootin him to death state that its better than he desires. only when they relaunched batman did they get away from him killin the criminals n go w the batman we know now.