The 30 Best Games of E3 2015


E3 was a spectacle this year, and very few have walked away from E3 2015 not stunned by something. That show had something for everyone. From Sony’s unbelievable game lineup to Microsoft’s amazing new controller and 3D hologram minecraft, this was the most tech-impressive E3 yet. But what games stood above the crowd as the best games of the show. ToplessRobot has some great input in this area:

It might be easy to look at Party Hard and just see it as a cheesy murder simulator where you kill your neighbors for throwing loud parties. But what I played was a lovely little corpse-filled indie title with a hefty dose of black comedy, one that actually requires a great amount of strategy in order to clear a room effectively. So what we have here is proof that a game based around killing hordes of annoying people can actually have wit and color in its presentation and brains in its gameplay. Not that I’m calling out any other games or anything.

So while we all may be talking about Fallout 4 and Last Guardian, perhaps we missed this little gem called Party Hard? Check it out:

[Story: toplessrobot]

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