10 Twisted Vault Experiments You Can Try In ‘Fallout Shelter’

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Fallout Shelter has really been keeping people busy while waiting for Fallout 4. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t like some cruel human torture based on sociology experiments? That is basic fun for all! And that is just what Fallout Shelter is as well (if you want it to be). The more people who have played this game, the more reveals we have gotten about some twisted experiments you can try on your vault dwellers.

For Example, a ‘hardcore vault’:

Every vault-dweller has to earn their place in the vault. Before you take in the dweller permanently, send them off into the wasteland for a set period of time. The stipulations from here can be up to you. Maybe the dweller has to survive for one hour without any weapons. Maybe they get a weapon, but no stimpaks or radaways—and they have to make it for an hour.

If you want to make things particularly messed-up, @TRex_Trainer suggests making this an initiation rite that every young dweller has to go through once they transition into adulthood. Any young adult that survives the wasteland for a set period of time can stay.

Variation: vault where nobody gets any weapons. Dwellers have to survive attacks purely through fist-fights. Or, a vault where you don’t use lunchboxes.

Well that is cruel and unusual (and sounds fun as hell, to be honest). Done any strange experiments in your own vaults in Fallout Shelter? Take to our comments and let us know.

[Image, story Kotaku]

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