Word is ‘Fallout: Shelter’ is Damn Addictive!


When I heard there was a new Fallout game besides 4 we could play RIGHT NOW, I got kind of excited. Then, when I saw it, I was far less excited. It just didn’t FEEL like a Fallout game. It had the look, but didn’t seem the same to me and I was kinda thrown off. Until I read this rant over at Kotaku, which has me thinking I may need to invest some hours here:

Here’s the gist: the game tasks you with building a vault, and maintaining a community. Essentially, you’re the Overseer. I’m sad to report that building a vault does not require you to maintain some (bleeped) up social experiment, as canon vaults do, but still! There’s plenty to do here.


More on some of the gameplay elements:

Certain rooms will be aligned with certain stats. A water purification room, for example, is best handled by people with a high perception stat. While you’re free to ignore this altogether and assign dwellers wherever you’d like, assigning people jobs they’re good at will help them stay happy, as will also help you produce more stuff from that room.

Plus, it IS a Fallout game, so technically, I couldn’t NOT love it.


[Fallout Shelter on iOS]

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