What The Hell Do The New Hidden Coins in “Destiny” Do?


So there is all this talk of the hidden coins people are finding in the new Destiny DLC, House of Wolves. The problem being, people are finding said coins and have NO idea what they’re for. Is this good game design, or just shoddy and lazy? Are they hinting at something much greater coming in the future, or are these simply “collectibles” used to fluff the game’s length up?

Luckily, Kotaku has some theories, and they’re not too exciting:

It’s entirely possible that players haven’t found all the coins hidden inside the new DLC. The going theory right now is that once someone finds them all, something cool might happen. People believe this to be the case because Destiny has already had a set of hidden coins, all of which can be found in the Tower in similarly obscure locations. Seven in all, the neat thing about these Tower coins is that Bungie rewarded the first person to find them with a special emblem that only that player can wear.

Here is a video of one such coin being attained:

Funny, up until now I just assumed if I found 100 of them I would get an ‘extra life’.

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