The Disgusting Money-Making Ways of Modern Gaming, Summed Up

I have nothing to say here except if ¬†ANY OF YOU DO THIS, it will only get bigger and more predominant. Shun such packages and ‘games’ and let’s send a very clear message that we are people and not walking dollar signs. This crap aint’ right. Via

Here’s The ‘Battlefront’ Fine Print Everyone Was Worried About…

This should be surprising to exactly no one. (imgur)

Shovel Knight Free Update: Plague of Shadows Trailer

Shovel Knight is one of those addictive games that may look simple on the surface but that sucks you right in. In a bit of cool news, the team behind it are releasing a free update for all players. Think of it as DLC that doesn’t cost anything. Pretty awesome, huh? [Gamespot]

The “Batman Beyond” Skin from ‘Arkham Knight’ Is Insane Looking

I was never a huge fan of Batman Beyond (it was awesome, I was just already too old), but this Batman Beyond skin from Arkham Knight makes me think we might need a Batman Beyond movie at some point because that looks super badass and intimidating on-screen (and looks way cooler than it did in […]

Dying Light The Following Gameplay Trailer – New Dying Light DLC Trailer

Do you like zombies? Do you like running? Do you like outrunning zombies? Do you like dune buggies? Do you like the game Dying Light? Do you like all these things together at once? Well boy, have we got some DLC news for you?!! (Via OutsideXbox)

Street Fighter V – Vega Reveal Trailer

People can say what they want about Vega, but I personally dig him. Yes, he’s vain. But the dude also has claws and wears a mask that makes him look like something out of horror movie. I can deal with the vanity to look that twisted and have claws. Anyway, looks like Vega will be […]

Klassic Fatality Pack 2 – Mortal Kombat X

Nice to see some of the old-school fatalities from when I grew up getting some love. Kind of a shame they are delegated to DLC, but at least they still exist. Mortal Kombat X just went retro. (Via Gamespot)

Batgirl DLC Announced For ‘Arkham Knight’

Outside of its lumbering tank battles, Arkham Knight ended up being a pretty perfect ending to the Arkham games by Rocksteady. A nice final note to a great series that truly made you feel like you were donning Batman’s cowl. Well, good news to batfans everywhere…… Batgirl DLC! No, but before you scoff, it actually […]