Wonderfully Crocheted Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ Figures with Working Red and Yellow LED Lights


The ‘Big Daddy’ is one of the most memorable characters in gaming. The big oaf lumbering around the quietude of Rapture was always so jarring and amazing to experience. But what about owning a cute version of a Big Daddy you could curl up and watch Netflix marathons with? Nicole of Nicole’s Nerdy Knots just went and made about the coolest thing ever. Check it:


The working lights are a big selling point for just how amazing these are.


Note the change in mood is dictated by the red lights instead of yellow. Little touches like that really make it an amazing work of art that pays attention the finest details of the Big Daddy character.


Heck, he even has his tank. This is literally the closest you can come to owning an actual Big Daddy. Above all that, I just knew you geeks would appreciate it.

(H/T to Laughing Squid)