Life Inside A Pokeball

See people. Pokemon do not have it that bad once they retire back into their pokeballs. It is just like a Tardis. Much bigger on the inside. (Via Imgur) Advertisements


Dovahkiin : Cutest Skyrim Fan Ever

Yes, I still post about Skyrim and always will. Anyone who can get mad at the cutest Dragonborn ever needs to be visited by three ghosts on Christmas eve, real talk. (Imgur)

“Peanuts” Movie To Use Old Cartoon Panels As Thought Balloons!

For anyone scared that the new Peanuts movie might just be straying a little too far from the simplicity that made the original work so well, you can put those fears to bed. As seen in the pic above posted at ToplessRobot and in the new trailer below, they have figured out a genius way […]

You Can Now Get Awesome ‘Super Mario’ Landscape Watches

Three words. I want one. And if you love me, you will order me one here and then tell me about it here. Thanks! The time telling on this watch is unusual – the position of the sun or moon in the crescent shape indicates the hours. The crescent shaped sky represents 12 hours with […]

Wonderfully Crocheted Bioshock ‘Big Daddy’ Figures with Working Red and Yellow LED Lights

The ‘Big Daddy’ is one of the most memorable characters in gaming. The big oaf lumbering around the quietude of Rapture was always so jarring and amazing to experience. But what about owning a cute version of a Big Daddy you could curl up and watch Netflix marathons with? Nicole of Nicole’s Nerdy Knots just […]

The Adventures of Superhero Girl [Comic]

I like her style. Simple and to the point. You can’t just jump into full superhero right away. Got to take baby steps at first. And remember kids, the littlest things are still heroic and can make a difference in someone else’s life. Be sure to check out the rest of the Superhero Girl comic […]

Clever Parrot Adjusts Water Temp During Sink Bath [Video]

People sometimes give birds a bad rep as pets, but as you can see from the parrot in this video, that isn’t quite fair. This is the pet equivalent of coming home from work to find your dog prepping dinner for itself by making sure the salt and pepper levels were ‘just right’. This parrot […]