Why I’m Glad I Waited Fifteen Years to Play Majora’s Mask


The Legend of Zelda series has always been an institution for gamers. Many of us grew up playing the series and have seriously found memories of almost every game from the series. Yes, even Wind Waker. And while most of us can say we’ve played most of the classic Zelda games, we need to remember some people didn’t experience them when they first came out. Like Jason Schreider over at Kotaku, who wrote a rather extensive and interesting piece about why he is glad he waited fifteen years to play Majora’s Mask. Well, he played when he was younger, but found it irritating and stressful so he stopped. He then went back after fifteen years and it was like he discovered a new game:

Some fifteen years later, I’m glad I gave it another shot, and I’m kinda glad I waited. Twenty-seven-year-old Jason appreciates this game far more than 12-year-old Jason would have. Majora’s Mask has aged beautifully—although, granted, the 3DS tweaks and overhauls sure help—and over the past few weeks, I’ve grown to really appreciate why so many people are so quick to lavish it with praise, to the point where some say it’s even better than that most sacred of sacred cows, Ocarina of Time.

It makes sense and almost makes you wish you waited yourself. Keyword, almost.

[Image and story via Kotaku | Majora’s Mask]

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