Are GTA V’s First-Person Car Crashes Too Realistic?


There is a great piece over at Kotaku today about how the new first-person mode in GTA V is so realistic, that experiencing car crashes is actually more jarring than anything the writer had ever experienced in gaming. The point is that the first-person mode in GTA has such weight and gravity to it, that you really feel as if you are looking through someones eyes. As fun as this can be for the shooting and looting, it is far less fun when you fly through a windshield at eighty miles an hour.


About the above scene, writer Yannick LeJacq states:

When you drive in shooters like Far Cry 4, Destiny, Halo, or Battlefield, it doesn’t feel like you’re a person who’s actually inside of a car. You move far too gracefully for that to be the case. It’s as if you’ve merged with the vehicle to become some self-contained cyborg. Or you’re floating slightly above it. Your physical presence inside the vehicle is pretty much guaranteed, too—once you sit down, nothing’s going to kick you out as forcefully as GTA V‘s windshield dive. For all their aesthetic and thematic differences games like those still come closer to emulating the experience of racing in Mario Kart than anything genuinely realistic.

Yes, it could be said these are video game car crashes taken to the next (albeit super realistic) level, if anything, this is a good thing. It shows the impressionable idiots who think games make them do stupid things that said stupid things have bone breaking consequences.

Also, I can’t stop watching the above gif. Someone send help.

[Image, story via Kotaku]

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