Video Games Gone Missing: Where are They Now?

For a gamer, few things suck more than when an awesome video game gets announced, they show you some killer footage, and then the game just vanishes into obscurity. You never hear another word or see another shot and you find yourself wondering what happened to that ONE game you were drooling over. Last Guardian, I am looking squarely at you right now.

Thankfully, the kind chaps over at Gamespot put together this video asking (and answering) that exact question about some games we have ALL been anticipating for years. While some of the news may make you happy, be prepared, for not all the news delivered here is good. Some potentially great games have crawled off to die under a bed somewhere.

On the other extreme, some games you thought you’d never see still might have some life left in them, which is great news. Take the good with the bad, I guess.

[Via Gamespot]

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