The Best (and Only) Fan-Made Star Wars Anime You Will Ever See

If Star Wars was given a Macross treatment, this is about how it would look. This fan-made short has me wanting a whole series now!

[Pascal Ramseier]

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  1. Looks pretty, but I don't know that I could get into a series that makes out the Imperals to be the focus.

    Heartless evil empire doesn't exactly make for an empathic connection.

    • Read some books friend. The Empire wasn't entirely heartless. The people who were in it weren't all a heartless. Hell if look hadn't found R2 and 3PO he'd have gone and joined the empire.
      I believe Lucas said at one point an alt universe was that he didn't find 3PO and R2, joined the empire, became a soldier, got recognized for his talents, became one of Vader's elites, Vader detects him, and they become Father/Son Empire rulers.

  2. Looks really nice despite Imperial favoritsm. From fan point of view there are some "mistakes" like TIE-fighter hunting down X-wing, TIE-bomber pulling crazy ass stuns through asteroid field and than taking down whole flight of fighters while piloted by female pilot (not saying that women are bad pilots, saying that Imperial troops had less than hand-full of women in their ranks).

  3. This would be really cool. Somebody should have decided to add some depth to the Empire a long time ago in a film. Also I'm sick of CGI animation, give me some good ol' 2D! This is a kickstarter I could get behind!

  4. Absolute Star Wars nerd here. Think this looks wicked cool, but as for kickstarter it would be a cold day in hell before I donated my hard earned money to make Lucas richer. Even if he allowed it, he'd screw it up somehow. Probably turn it into Jar Jar's magic adventure time or something.

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