Pursue a Hot Young Colonel Sanders in a New Dating Simulator

KFC is no stranger to bizarre promotions- remember KFC sunscreen? Their newest venture is a collaboration with game developer Psyop called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! It includes an anime version of the Colonel as a young man, nevertheless sporting his signature white hair and goatee. The actual young Harland Sanders looked like this. The game […]

Pokemon Developers Spills Beans on What It Is Like Inside Pokeball (Hint, Tardis)

Any fan of Pokemon with at least a tiny bit of empathy must have spent some time wondering what life inside a Pokeball is like for Pokemon. Are these poor, subservient creatures folded down like origami and jammed into a tiny ball like a baby cow in a cage waiting to be turned into veal […]

‘The Boy and the Beast’ is the Anime Version of ‘The Jungle Book’

Being a fan of anime, I sometimes will hear rumblings about a particular Eastern movie that is getting a buzz. Lately, that buzz has been all about  The Boy and the Beast, with Kotaku comparing it to a more kickass version of The Jungle Book: Kyuta, our Mowgli for this story, is a young nine-year-old […]