Anime You Didn’t Know Have Upcoming Live Action Remakes

While it is a known fact that most live-action adaptations of anime classics do not always end up with the same feel of the anime, we have to at least stop and give props that these animes we love are at LEAST getting adapted into major movies, which was something unheard of two decades ago. […]

New Ghost in the Shell Movie Poster Owns Life

I am telling you now, geeks. This Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation is gonna be badass. This new ┬ámovie poster they have hanging in theaters right now pretty much confirms that. Editor’s note: Let’s not be overly hasty, here, Remy. You’re probably right, but I prefer to stay prudent. :) (via)

Pokemon Developers Spills Beans on What It Is Like Inside Pokeball (Hint, Tardis)

Any fan of Pokemon with at least a tiny bit of empathy must have spent some time wondering what life inside a Pokeball is like for Pokemon. Are these poor, subservient creatures folded down like origami and jammed into a tiny ball like a baby cow in a cage waiting to be turned into veal […]

One Punch Man – 10 Weird Facts

We can all admit, the buzz for One Punch Man overtook Attack on Titan and about anything else that was buzzing for anime. It has gone from the show no one has heard of to the show everyone is obsessed with. And come on, who wouldn’t love being strong enough to punch everything out in […]

One Punch Man – Origins

One Punch Man is the new anime series (based off the web series) that is taking the anime world by storm. Hell, it is taking the whole world by storm. Thing is, this series came out of nowhere and suddenly is the new reigning king. What this means is there are a whole bunch of […]

Why You Need To See Anime Movie ‘Redline’

So I find an old anime movie from 2009 last night and though I had heard little about it, thought I would give it a watch. The movie, called Redline, proceeded to blow my mind. All I was thinking is, the Geeks Are Sexy peeps need to hear about and watch this. Simple story, imagine […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time

To underestimate the power of an animated movie is to undermine the power of a truly powerful medium. Animated does NOT mean just for kids, and as you will see from this, some animated movies out there easily outshine regular movies in just how breathtaking they are to behold as well as the impact they […]

‘The Boy and the Beast’ is the Anime Version of ‘The Jungle Book’

Being a fan of anime, I sometimes will hear rumblings about a particular Eastern movie that is getting a buzz. Lately, that buzz has been all about ┬áThe Boy and the Beast, with Kotaku comparing it to a more kickass version of The Jungle Book: Kyuta, our Mowgli for this story, is a young nine-year-old […]

The 9 Greatest Years in the Life of Studio Ghibli

You cannot bring up Studio Ghibli as a geek and not smile. They have brought us so many amazing animated classics. So many in fact, any fan of animation can tell you it is quite hard to pick a favorite (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and so many more). But like any good animation studio, […]

‘Attack on Titan’, Explained (Sort Of)

To try to explain Attack on Titan to someone who doesn’t watch the show (and capture all the depth of the franchise and not just write it off as a show about dudes attacking naked giants) is not easy. The show is violent, layered, complex, and maybe one of the best things out there right […]

Top 10 Smartest Anime Series Villains

Anime villains seems to fall into two categories. One, they are either batsh*t insane and just want to destroy the world and eat people’s heads, or they are absolutely genius and brilliant (but still super evil). This list focuses on the anime villains who seem to have the most brilliant and dastardly minds. (Via WatchMojo)

A History of Gundam

You cannot talk about anime and its impact without mentioning Gundam. One of the most well known and beloved franchises in anime history, the problem for many fans of the show is that they came on board a little late. Whether seeing it at a friends or hearing a buzz about it, all nerds got […]