The Best (and Only) Fan-Made Star Wars Anime You Will Ever See

If Star Wars was given a Macross treatment, this is about how it would look. This fan-made short has me wanting a whole series now! [Pascal Ramseier] Advertisements


Why Avatar is Exciting for Science Fiction and Fantasy Geeks

By this time you’ve likely read plenty of Avatar reviews out there or, more likely, you’ve been to see the movie yourself. My own feelings about the cinematic quality of the film are mixed, but that’s not the point of this piece. Because watching Avatar didn’t actually make me excited about watching Avatar, if that […]

The 2000s: Decade of the Remake or Decade of the Geek?

What is it about remakes that gets geeks so hot under the collar? Sure, there are a lot of terrible remakes that cannot be unseen, and the 2000s seems to be particularly rife with them, to boot. According to Slashfilm, only two of the top 30 films of the decade are original (the two films, […]