Comic Book Nerd Rage: The New DC Comics Logo

You won’t like comic book fans when they’re angry. From the guys at Bleeding Cool, comes an inside look at how many reacted the day DC Comics logo died… and a new one rose from the ashes. I’m sorry but I just had to add a Marvel reference in there… because I’m such a terrible […]


The Simpsons Theme – A Capella Style [Video]

This is my tribute to Matt Groening and my favorite TV show! The recording is 100% vocals and 100% my own voice. In order to perform this song, I actually had to write out the entire orchestration from a recording and perform every part, which ended up being over 30! The violin runs were the […]

The City Dark: A Search for Night on a Planet that Never Sleeps [Video]

THE CITY DARK chronicles the disappearance of darkness. When filmmaker Ian Cheney moves to New York City and discovers skies almost completely devoid of stars, a simple question — what do we lose, when we lost the night? — spawns a journey to America’s brightest and darkest corners. Astronomers, cancer researchers, ecologists and philosophers provide […]

How To Remove Ads From Videos


The Love Story That Started With a Typo [Video]

In January 2007, Rachel P. Salazar and Ruben P. Salazar were living 9,000 miles apart and completely unaware of each other’s existence. But when an email meant for Rachel accidentally went to Ruben, it wasn’t long before an ordinary mistake began to look like an extraordinary stroke of luck. [Via]

Sonic Waves as Male Contraception?

A new breakthrough in the wonderful world of forced infertility has Sonic Waves reducing the sperm count of men. The only problem is that it is not known if this technique could be reversed so it is still in the works. io9 reports: Scientists from the University of North Carolina say a non-oral form of […]

IRL – In Real Life: A Short Documentary About Online Game Addiction [Video]

After losing six years of his life on World of Warcraft, third year film student Anthony Rosner decided that enough was enough and started living in the real world. His documentary, IRL, takes a look at the effects MMORPGs can have on people and show that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. […]

Evolution Takes A Leap: The Boy Who Will Begin A New World Order

The time for reading comics is done. It’s time to live the marvel of mutated human beings, to realize that superpowers are real. And they’re here. This report on YouTube reports that a child in China has blue cat-like eyes, reflecting light back at us in the night. He’s able to do written tests in […]