Evolution Takes A Leap: The Boy Who Will Begin A New World Order

The time for reading comics is done. It’s time to live the marvel of mutated human beings, to realize that superpowers are real. And they’re here.

This report on YouTube reports that a child in China has blue cat-like eyes, reflecting light back at us in the night. He’s able to do written tests in the dark and is terribly uncomfortable in the bright sunshine.

Who knew, the elves of legend come from Chinese stock!

Apparently he was even able to catch crickets in the dark. Bet he can catch bad guys too. I wonder what his superhero name is going to be?

So the evolution begins. Whose side will you be on, who will you follow? Xavier or Magneto?

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  1. Yeah, um, that's not how evolution works in the real world. All we have here is a kid with blue eyes in a population where this recessive trait is very rare (but not unheard of), some unsupported anecdotes, and some questionably controlled tests. Geeks of all people should cultivate the kind of critical thinking skills which allow one to skeptically evaluate these kinds of claims!

    • This is an example of a genetic mutation. It is not evolution. It may become evolution if the traits are passed on to consecutive generations. The phenotype of blue colored eyes is not what is remarkable about this finding, but that the child can allegedly see in the nearly complete absence of light. This genetic mutation has not been adequately recorded before in the human species. However, this is, as you said, not evolution. You are wrong, though, when you say that this is not how evolution works in the real world. This is exactly how evolution works- a genetic mutation passed on to consecutive generations, becoming a part of that species or sub-species.

  2. The original mutation for blue eyes occurred in Europe about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Who is to say that it has not happened again? He seems like an otherwise normal kid, I hope that he is happy.

  3. It sounds like the boy has occular albinism with translumination of the iris. These eye conditions have been known in modern medicine for decades. The boy is just lucky that he doesn't look like an albino as well, and his macular appears to be more fully developed than some other albinos.

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