VIDEO: What Happens When 500 People Trace the Same Line?

Clement Valla asked 500 people to consecutively trace what was, at first, a single line. As each person traces the last person’s line, the result becomes more and more jumbled and complex.


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  1. So you start off with order, throw in a bunch of random mistakes, and over time end up with a jumbled mess, and this is supposed to demonstrate evolution? I thought evolution started with chaos and then through random mistakes created order.

    Maybe this is supposed to prove that evolution doesn't work?

    • You start off with something simple, and over time with little errors ( mutations ) it becomes more complex and diverse. thats what it means

      " Maybe this is supposed to prove that evolution doesn't work " – your stupidity is a mutation and one can only hope you don't pass it on to another generation

    • This video does demonstrate evolution, however it only demonstrates random mutation without natural selection, which is why its end result is so chaotic.

      Also, if you thought evolution "started with choas and then through random mistakes created order", then you're mistaken as to what the theory of evolution actually is.

      • Well, I was using a little bit of creative license for comparison sake, but when I think of the ingredients that would have existed in the "primordial soup" and compare that to a human DNA helix, I'd have to say that goes from chaos to order.

        • I can tell from the terminology that you have decided to use hear that you actually do not have any idea what the theory of evolution is.

          First of all let me say this:

          A scientific theory is not what you think it is. It is a set of principles that explain a phenomena. It begin as a hypothesis–a prediction that has the possibility of being disproven– and evolves into a theory when there is a large enough evidence for consensus on the topic.

          We have overwhelming amounts of evidence for evolution at the macro and micro levels. This is probably why you have not bothered to find any of it–there is just too much to handle.

          I will give you my favorite piece of evidence here:

          Chimpanzees, Apes, and orangutans all have 48 chromosomes or 24 pairs. These are individual pieces of DNA with different genetic information. Each pair is a copy of the its pair. Humans have 46.

          According to the theory of evolution, at some point in history something happened to make us have two less than the three other groups. The first option, that we lost a pair, would be lethal because we would have lost an entire portion of genetic information. The second option, that they gained a pair, doesn't make much sense because you only pass on half of you genetic information so a newly mutated primate with 24 haploid chromosomes would not be able to mate with another primate.

          The final option was that two of our chromosomes fused in a way that would have still allowed reproduction. Lo and behold, when the human genome was finally sequenced we found that our chromosome #2 has telomeres (caps on the ends of chromosomes) in the middle as well. #2 also has a second centromere that is homologous to the ape centromere, but inactive.

        • Evolution doesn't have a direction or goal, it doesn't go from chaos to order or from order to chaos it just goes.

  2. Well, it's an awfully convincing proof for the second law of thermodynamics.
    It also doesn't quite work since there is an intelligence behind the redrawing of the line.

  3. Hello! It's STILL a line. It's now a disfunctional line. It didn't evolve into a triangle or square or circle. AND where did the original line come from? Hhmm? An intelligent agent created it, that's where.

    • Hello! Either you're a troll or you don't understand how the theory of evolution works.

      it wouldn't evolve into a triangle or square necessarily. It would evolve into a different shaped line. which it did.

      If you're seriously trying to claim that the end result of that video was the same as the beginning, you're a moron.

  4. Yeah, at some places it seems like someone was just messing with him to make the line really off.

    Stan, ouch, why the personal attacks?

  5. Two things are required for biological evolution. Without these things, biological evolution is impossible; with them, it's inevitable.

    The first thing is a way to transmit information between generations that allows good transmission with a few errors. The second thing is some way of choosing between the different versions caused by the first.

    This video is an excellent demonstration of how tiny, almost unnoticeable errors can over time build up to produce something completely different. Since that is the element that is most often used as an argument against evolution, this is an excellent demonstration of A core concept in the Theory.

    • tiny unnoticeable errors? The second line was one huge error followed by many more huge errors. I thing it's proves most people can't draw a straight line.

      • Most people weren't trying to draw a straight line, they were trying to draw the line before them. The second line was an error, because someone was doing it quickly. The next one was drawn carefully, and was pretty darn close.

        I'd say the comment section proves most people just don't get metaphors.

  6. people are stupid. simple instructions were not followed. some of the tracers were simply not putting any effort into the task. it also appears likely that others screwed up on purpose.

  7. 1. Take a circuit drawing of a telegraph.
    2. Ask 500 people (maybe not so intoxicated as the ones used in this experiment) to trace it like this.
    3. See if the finish product will be a circuit board for a iPhone.

    Telegraphs don't evolve into iPhone and tricycles don't evolve into motorbikes without a few more physical laws than just random copy errors.

    Anyway, you still have 'God' in this analogy (not metaphor) you have a sentient being drawing the line.
    Every error the person made here is because of their physical or mental state.
    It is actually more interesting as an experiment in how poorly people copy stuff.
    Could relate more toward religion and oral history than to evolution.

  8. Oh Lord, not the Bible vs. Evolution argument again. Man has gotten too educated for his own good. A line test to prove evolution? Really? People will cling to any far fetched theory/experiment to prove their point, even if it contains error. This doesn't prove anything. Some one in that 500 was clearly screwing around. I mean what was that "V" line around 1:11? That just came outta nowhere. LOL

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