Sonic Waves as Male Contraception?

A new breakthrough in the wonderful world of forced infertility has Sonic Waves reducing the sperm count of men. The only problem is that it is not known if this technique could be reversed so it is still in the works.

io9 reports:

Scientists from the University of North Carolina say a non-oral form of male contraception is on the horizon. According to researchers, all it takes to be effective is a couple blasts of high frequency sound waves…delivered straight to the testicles.

Using ultrasound equipment typically used for physical therapy, a team of researchers led by UNC’s James Tsuruta showed that exposing the testes of rats to two 15-minute “doses” of ultrasonic radiation could reduce sperm counts in the rats to levels that, in humans, would result in infertility. If the effects prove reversible, and the treatment is deemed safe, ultrasonic contraception could soon become a common form of male birth control.

So some SuperBass to your super bits could save you and your partner from a very stessful “pee on a stick” date.

The danger is that the onset of a miracle cure to baby-daddy-itis will likely require these brilliant scientists to invent a sonic blast that cures a whole multitude of sexually transmitted diseases. The fear of impregnating a woman might have been the last bastion of logic to resist impulsive hookups.

I also wonder… if this becomes mainstream, will people start saying “you sound infertile”? Just a thought.

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