The RPG Cycle [Comic]


It never ends. A fantastic comic by Christian Palmer-Smith from “Kit Draws!” [Source: Kit Draws!]

Star Wars Episode 7.5 [Comic]


Stephen Byrne, one of my favorite artist on the web, has illustrated an awesome sequel to “The Force Awakens” where Rey and her friends fight the ultimate evil of the Star Wars universe. The comic is kind of long, so if you’re reading this from the front page, the first panel is right below, and […]

This Year’s Random Thing You Have to Eat to Be Healthy [Comic]


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Fetch Dogmeat! [Comic]


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This Slave Leia Cosplay is Beyond Beautiful! [Pics]


German artist and cosplayer La Esperalda looks absolutely perfect as Slave Leia, and I have to say, she’s one of the most gorgeous incarnations of the character I’ve ever seen. Plus, she told me she loved the site when I wrote to her to get her permission to feature her photos, so she gets extra […]

Why Kylo Ren REALLY Turned to the Dark Side [Comic]


[Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Who The Criminal Really Is! [Comic]


[Source: Charlie Higson – Heck if I Know | Like “Heck if I know” on Facebook]

Eating the First Half of a Bag of Chips vs. The Second [Comic]


True story. Speaking of chips, Covered Bridge Chips are the best chips in the world. No, I was not paid to say that, I actually order these by the box. [Source: Neil Kohney’s The Other End | Like “Neil Kohney’s The Other End” on Facebook]

Amazing Eyes [Comic]


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One Punch Man – 10 Weird Facts


We can all admit, the buzz for One Punch Man overtook Attack on Titan and about anything else that was buzzing for anime. It has gone from the show no one has heard of to the show everyone is obsessed with. And come on, who wouldn’t love being strong enough to punch everything out in […]

Lawful Good Hypocrisy [Comic]


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Yes Pigeon [Comic]


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