Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Some Crazy Pokemon Go Stories


So maybe some of you are already sick of hearing Pokemon Go stories, but sorry, there’s just too many good ones out there. It seems most of the world is into this game right now, and the fever pitch surrounding Pokemon Go just keeps growing and growing. But what is also starting to emerge are some really insane stories based around experiences people are having playing the game.

For example:

Multiple Dead Bodies Found by Go Players: Pokemon Go has led to the discovery of not just one but two dead bodies, according to local reports. One body was found by Pokemon Go players in Nashua, New Hampshire while they searched for pocket monsters in a park. A teenager in Riverton, Wyoming found a body in a river last week while playing, and The Los Angeles Times reports that three women found a body in a San Diego park on Thursday.

Or how about:

Pokemon Theme Song Plays Jump by Hundreds of Percent Pokemon Go let’s players attempt to be the very best like no one ever was in the real world, but when the app’s soundtrack doesn’t suffice, there’s nothing like the original Pokemon theme song to fuel your adventure. Many Spotify users have taken that route, as the music streaming service revealed the theme song’s plays jumped 382 percent during the game’s first weekend of release.

Don’t let that first story scare you, though. Not all the stories associated with Go are traumatizing. But that is just two out of seven amazing stories you will find over at IGN about this very subject. *GO check  them out, right now.

*That “Go” joke was so lame, sorry.

(Image via Forbes)

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