Batman Vs. Batman Fan Film Edit is Amazing

Batman’s most recent movie outing was not as well received as the Dark Knight Trilogy that came before it, and that was enough fuel for ScreenRant to pose the following cinematic question: What would happen if Bale Batman fought Batfleck? Now obviously we are all wise enough to know this will never happen, but the […]

Harry Potter Prequel Fan Film, “The Gathering Storm,” Seeks Kickstarter Support

With one more week to go in its Kickstarter funding round, the production team for The Gathering Storm is putting out the call to the fan community to help them cross the finish line so that they can commence production on a full length feature film. The story will focus on the Marauder’s (Moony, Wormtail, […]

Fan Film “Red Sand” Brings New Life to the Mass Effect World

Set 35 years before Commander Shepard makes his debut, this fan produced trailer from students and faculty at the Tempe, AZ University of Advance Technology brings a new depth to the world of Mass Effect. The story focuses on a team of Alliance scientists who discover ancient Prothean ruins on Mars. With the Ruins, the […]