Harry Potter Prequel Fan Film, “The Gathering Storm,” Seeks Kickstarter Support


With one more week to go in its Kickstarter funding round, the production team for The Gathering Storm is putting out the call to the fan community to help them cross the finish line so that they can commence production on a full length feature film.

The story will focus on the Marauder’s (Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs) sixth year at Hogwarts and the events leading to their roles in the First Wizarding War. Set in 1977, the movie is a mixture of teen coming of age story along with the rise of the shadow of the conflict, which was to come.

The film is the brainchild of a small group of students both past and present from Emerson College in Boston. Director and co-writer Aaron Rivin has commented that the project is a product of the love the team has for the material.


The movie is scheduled to be shot at the end of May at a wonderful American stand-in for Hogwarts, Hammond Castle in Gloucester. With a cast of talented young actors, they have already passed the halfway mark of their fundraising goal of $40,000, and are seeking another push to help them achieve their funding mark.

As with other fan films, the intent is for the film to be a non-profit entity, with the full screenings to be held at festivals and competitions around the United States and beyond.

The Kickstarter reward packages span a wide range and have a nice variety of reward options, ranging from $1 for the crew’s profound thanks, up to $2,000 for Executive Producer credit. The $20 level gets the contributor a downloadable HD copy of the film once completed.

With only a few more days to go until the deadline of April 22nd at 11:00am PDT, every little bit will help them inch closer to bringing their dream to reality.

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