Batman Vs. Batman Fan Film Edit is Amazing

Batman’s most recent movie outing was not as well received as the Dark Knight Trilogy that came before it, and that was enough fuel for ScreenRant to pose the following cinematic question:

What would happen if Bale Batman fought Batfleck?

Now obviously we are all wise enough to know this will never happen, but the trailer they cut together for this (fake) movie looks like it would be killer, with two different style “Batmen” duking it out for Gotham supremacy. ¬†One just a wee bit more corrupt than the other.

Well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but technically, THREE Batmen make an appearance here (as do multiple Jokers). A great looking film we will never see but will gladly drool over! And obviously, even though Batfleck fights dirtier, my money is on Bale.

Someone had to say it out loud.