Top 10 Biggest Differences Between Marvel and DC

Since I was a comic collecting kid, there were always two schools of comic fandom. DC or Marvel (with the wisest and geekiest of us collecting both, and IMAGE, and more) but there was a clear line drawn in the sand between those two major companies, with Marvel coming out ahead sometimes (X-Men) and DC taking the reins from time to time (Batman). But it was always there. A tension between these two battling comic publishers. But the real question newbies ask at the end of the day is, what is the difference between DC and Marvel?

Though a lofty question to tackle, check out the vid above as it offers more insight into these battling behemoths of comic book publishers, what makes them similar, and in the end, what truly sets them apart from one another.

Spoiler alert: very little separates them at the end of the day. Some people prefer Coke and some prefer Pepsi, and this is kinda like that.


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