Spider-Ham FTW: The Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man!

When I was twelve years old, I walked into my local comic shop. A place called New England Comics. There, I saw a comic book called Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider Ham #1. I kid you not. I knew a true geek gem the minute I saw it and I snatched it up. It is exactly what it sounds like (a human pig thing that is also somehow Spiderman in an alternate Marvel universe). It was insane and awesome, and still stands as a testimony to just how many Spiderman (SpiderMEN?) there are in the Marvel U. Well, technically, the Spiderverse. Yes, there are THAT many. A whole universe full, to be exact.

Anyway, this video not only highlights that hilarious version of Spiderman, but also a ton of others that I bet a great many of you have never seen before. Check it out. Spiderman Noir is also one to keep an eye out for on the list. An amazing and brooding Spiderman story unlike anything else out there.

[Via Variant Comics]

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