When Dad wants to be your Facebook friend

By Mark O’Neill It seems that American teenagers these days are terrified of logging onto Facebook and finding one thing. Nope, it’s not finding out that they’ve been slaughtered by a ten year old at Scrabulous but instead finding out that that Dad has sent them a friend request!  Oh shock!  Horror!   How will you […]

Nine Must-Listen Podcasts For Geeks

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] Geeks hate listening to commercial radio on their way to work. Hollywood gossip and local news are not the types of content computer-savvy people are raving about. What if, come Monday morning, you’re in the mood for tech news? Then on Tuesday’s commute, you want home theater reviews, and […]

YouTube DoS’ed Off Net By Pakistan

There are few people who work with the Internet who understand how truly vulnerable and weak the core infrastructure really is.  Nothing demonstrates this basic weakness better than the troubles experienced by YouTube over the past weekend when Pakistan, under orders from its government, put new BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) entries in one of their […]