Turn your IM client into a domain checking tool

By Mark O’Neill

imifiednetlookup.pngI’ve previously posted about Imified but I have recently noticed a new tool of theirs that you can add to your IM client. It quickly becomes very useful if you are a heavy IM user and you also do a lot of domain checking.

Once you have added Imified to your IM contact list and opened up a free account, you’ll see a bot on the site called NetLookup.    By adding this to your Imified menu, you can perform a variety of domain-related tasks directly from your IM client.

As you can see from the menu on the left, you can ping a domain, perform a traceroute, get Alexa domain information, perform a WHOIS check and also carry out an “enum” search (I’m not sure what this is – can anyone explain?).

The results are fast and it is extremely convenient.   A worthy addition to any IM client.