Geek Support : Using your Blackberry as a voice dictation machine

By Mark O’Neill

Serge Nicaudie asks :

I have a Blackberry and one thing I would love is the ability to speak into it and it would write an email for me. Like a dictation machine. I also want to use it for quick notes to remind myself about stuff. Can you see if there is a way to do this?

blackberryjott.gifMark replies :

Ah! A question I can answer! It seems that the best option is Jott for Blackberry which allows you to :

reply to emails on your BlackBerry just using your voice – either speaking directly into your BlackBerry, or while wearing a Bluetooth headset.

It’s apparently free for the moment while in beta but will not be free when it comes out of beta. So get it for nothing while you can.

Has anyone tried out Jott? Is it good? Bad? What features do you like or hate about it? Can you suggest any Jott alternatives to Serge?

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