World’s Loudest Alarm Clock

If you’re the type of person who’s having trouble getting up in the morning, this alarm clock hack by master tinkerer Kipkay should do the trick for you: [Via TechEblog]

10 Geeky Car Mods and Must-Have Accessories

So, your Geek Squad application was turned down, and now your dreams of driving the ultimate Geek-Mobile have vanished like Minovsky particles in the wind? No worries, here are 10 geeky car mods and must-have car accessories–listed in order of increasing awesomeness–that will make you forget all about the blank space on your door where […]

Unlock your Car Remotely Through a Cell Phone: Urban Legend or Fact?

We’ve all heard the story: Someone locks his car keys and remote car opener inside his vehicle, and can’t get back in. He does have a second remote car opener at home, so he calls up his home, where his wife/roommate/whatever answers. He asks the housemate to hold the second remote up to the phone […]

HOW TO: Speed Read

In the following video, Kris Madden will teach you a technique that should help you read faster, and I can attest that this works as explained. Those of you who had to go through huge amount of documentation for their studies at one point or another probably already know all about this, even though no […]

Process Hacker – A Powerful Windows Task Manager Alternative

For those of you who find the Windows task manager a little too light on features, we’ve got an awesome little application for you. Process Hacker does the same basic functions as task manager, but with lots of invaluable extras. Task manager only lists running processes, but Process Hacker allows you to investigate where these […]

Special Offer: Free IT Certification Study Guide Bundles and Practice Exams

We have an amazing offer for you guys today. In partnership with tradepub, the folks who help us with our IT resources center, we can now offer you access to a multitude of free IT Certification Study Guides and Practice Exams. These products all come from Examforce, a well-known publisher of practice material for IT […]

Easily Retrieve your License Keys With LicenseCrawler

LicenseCrawler is a free, portable tool to retrieve license keys and serial numbers from the depths of your hard drive. And while most of us keep our precious offline installation documentation in a “safe place,” so that we can “always find it,” having all these CD-keys available in a file is very convenient. Oh sure, […]

The Lazy Geek Way of Rocking your Baby to Sleep

Using Ubuntu Linux and Open Source DVR MythTV, YouTube user macjonesnz scripted his CD-ROM tray to open and close at regular intervals. He then tied a string from the tray to his baby’s car seat, making it the perfect lazy geek way of putting a newborn to sleep. Brilliant or pathetic? I’ll let you guys […]

How I Use My Mobile Internet Device

By Xavier Lanier Guest Blogger I’ve been using a mobile internet device for the past couple of months and have enjoyed the experience so far. My MID of choice is the Viliv S5 and I’ve used it much more than I expected to. I’m a Web publisher and spend most of time online, so it’s […]

Set up hot keys without any added software on Windows XP or better.

It’s very annoying and counter productive for your hands to leave the keyboard as you use your mouse to click, click, clickity click click away at something. Join the ranks of power users to add keyboard shortcuts for every computer task you do. Yup any task! Built into Windows is the ability to let you […]

MonitorES Helps You Save Energy, Money and Time!

This incredibly small  98.2kb file will allow you to automagically power off your display when you lock your computer. It also does a bunch of other things, including muting your master volume and setting your status on IM clients to “away.” The full list of features is as follows: Automatically turn off monitor Automatically pause […]

Yahoo launches automatic notetaking tool

If you’re one of those people who researches information online and winds up with a bunch of scrawled notes on the back of envelopes, Yahoo could have the solution. The firm is launching a feature in its search engine which can automatically take and store notes from the pages you visit. Search Pad launches today […]