500 Rounds Per Minute Nerf Vulcan Gun Hack

In its original version, the Nerf Vulcan is already one of a hell of an office war weapon, but when slightly modified with a few extra battery packs, it quickly becomes a rather frightening instrument of destruction. Check it out: To accomplish this, the guys from Manapotions increased the voltage inside the Nerf Vulcan’s firing […]

A Brief History of The L.E.D.

Did you know that like many other interesting scientific discoveries, the first LED was discovered by accident? The following documentary will give a brief tour through the world of the light-emitting diode. Learn who invented it, how to use it, and how to make your own. [Via Make]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 3 – Recycle

Here’s the third and final installment in the series on green geekery. We’ve already gone over reducing consumption and reusing what you have, so now it’s time to address recycling. Unfortunately, the heavy metals often found in hardware make electronics difficult to recycle on the same scale as much simpler things, like plastic. Recycling and […]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 1 – Reduce

By Mackenzie Morgan Contributing Writer, [GAS] Are you a green geek? Would you like to be one? There’s always more we can do to help the environment, or at least reduce our environmental footprints. Tina at MakeUseOf wrote a really good article about the meaning of environmental footprint and mentioned a lot of great non-technical […]

Google Adwords Phishing Scams

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] I got a very interesting piece of spam in my inbox this morning, and it took me a few moments to realize it was a phishing attack designed to make me disclose my Google Adwords password. Here is a screenshot of it. Hovering over the link, you can see that […]

The tiny iKIT notebook with the 2.8-inch screen

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] I saw this being announced on German TV last night and I knew right away that this was a candidate for a story on GAS! A tiny notebook is being developed and released by a British company called the iKIT – and “tiny” really is the operative word here.   […]

How to Postpone a Potentially Disastrous Exam

Try to imagine you’ve got an important test to pass tomorrow and you’re going to epically fail it. Whether it’s because you haven’t studied or because you are just plain academically inept, you know that doom is around the corner. What options do you then have? Don’t take the exam? Cheat? Cram? The following video […]

Review: Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-In-One Printer

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Today I’m trying out the new Epson WorkForce 600 printer/copier/scanner/fax combo.  To make a long story short: at less than $200 (about $149 at some outlets) it delivers a lot of printer for the money.  But not everything in this review is rosy.  Read on for the full story […]

Cinematograph HD: The Most Amazing Case Mod Ever

Sure, there are quite a lot of interesting case mods on the web, but I don’t think anything reaches what Will Urbina has accomplished with the Cinematograph HD, his new portable custom-made box. I’m not really the type of person who would go for an overly-detailed case. I prefer classic, clean designs, and Will’s system […]

Clickfree: A Cheap Hardware Backup Solution for Dummies

So, you’ve always wanted to backup your computer’s content, but never took the time to do so. Whether it’s because you don’t have the time, or simply don’t know how to do it, Clickfree is likely the perfect solution for you. The backup system doesn’t require any software install or hardware to configure. Just plug […]

HOW TO: Get the IT department to do their actual job

It seems that good service is something of a rarity in the world of IT support. I’ve met my share of IT people, and I do have to admit that yes, there are a lot of support experts that do emanate an air of pompous superiority. Unfortunately, one of the pleasures of those people is […]

Don’t Trust That iPhone Password

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Our own Mark O’Neill clued me in to this little gem.  The Register is reporting that the iPhone may not be as secure as once thought.  While the new “enterprise” features are supposedly state of the art, there is an easy hack available to bypass one of the security […]