HOW TO: Get back in Windows after losing your password

Hey there GAS readers! AskTheAdmin here guest posting on how to recover YOUR Windows password. This is not meant as a how-to hack your friend, girlfriend, dog or lover’s computer, but as a way to get you back into your Windows machine as a last resort. If you have another username and password on this […]

How to Survive Quicksand

Contrary to popular belief, surviving when stepping into a pool of quicksand is actually easy. All you have to do to is to calmly lie on your back, and you’ll be quickly floating on top of the muck instead of drowning in it. The following video segment from Bill Nye, The Science Guy, will bring […]

Feature: The Ponginator – A Robotic Combination of King Kong and Ping Pong

By Brian Boyko Contributing Writer, [GAS] Ponginator is a robot, and as far as robots go, this one is fairly simple. It plays music, says a few words cribbed from audio files, and shoots ping-pong balls from pressurized air guns. We’ve been doing a series on crazy inventors with crazy inventions. Vernon Graner and the […]

The Motivations Behind Computer Hacking

Pablos Holman is a futurist, IT security expert, and notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies. In the following presentation, he explains what drives computer hackers to do what they do best: break into gadgets, networks, and systems.

Feature – Have fun storming the castle: Mongo the Trebuchet

By Brian Boyko Contributing Writer, [GAS] Mark Winkler decided, in infinite wisdom, to spend six months building a full-scale trebuchet. In the next installment of Geeks Are Sexy’s series on crazy inventions and crazy inventors, we introduce Mark’s brainchild, “Mongo, the Trebuchet.” Mongo often launches watermelons, but the 25Gs of force put on the melon […]

GAS’s Most Popular Stories of 2008

With more than 4.2 million page views, 2008 has been an amazing year for us. In fact, it’s been the best one since the blog’s inauguration back in 2005. Some of our most popular stories ever have been published in the last year, and in case you weren’t around back then, here are the top […]

500 Rounds Per Minute Nerf Vulcan Gun Hack

In its original version, the Nerf Vulcan is already one of a hell of an office war weapon, but when slightly modified with a few extra battery packs, it quickly becomes a rather frightening instrument of destruction. Check it out: To accomplish this, the guys from Manapotions increased the voltage inside the Nerf Vulcan’s firing […]

A Brief History of The L.E.D.

Did you know that like many other interesting scientific discoveries, the first LED was discovered by accident? The following documentary will give a brief tour through the world of the light-emitting diode. Learn who invented it, how to use it, and how to make your own. [Via Make]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 3 – Recycle

Here’s the third and final installment in the series on green geekery. We’ve already gone over reducing consumption and reusing what you have, so now it’s time to address recycling. Unfortunately, the heavy metals often found in hardware make electronics difficult to recycle on the same scale as much simpler things, like plastic. Recycling and […]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 1 – Reduce

By Mackenzie Morgan Contributing Writer, [GAS] Are you a green geek? Would you like to be one? There’s always more we can do to help the environment, or at least reduce our environmental footprints. Tina at MakeUseOf wrote a really good article about the meaning of environmental footprint and mentioned a lot of great non-technical […]

Google Adwords Phishing Scams

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] I got a very interesting piece of spam in my inbox this morning, and it took me a few moments to realize it was a phishing attack designed to make me disclose my Google Adwords password. Here is a screenshot of it. Hovering over the link, you can see that […]

The tiny iKIT notebook with the 2.8-inch screen

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] I saw this being announced on German TV last night and I knew right away that this was a candidate for a story on GAS! A tiny notebook is being developed and released by a British company called the iKIT – and “tiny” really is the operative word here.   […]