Math Lovers and Bakers, Rejoice! Today is Pi Day!

Hey everyone, today is Pi day! For those not in the know, Pi day is celebrated by math enthusiasts (as well as bakers) all around the world each year on March 14th for the simple reason that Pi= 3.141592…, and 3.14 = March 14. Yeah, I know, this is kind of ridiculous, but hey, why […]

8 Awe-Inspiring Spiders

Whether it’s building bridges across rivers or solving puzzles, spiders are way cooler than you might think. Many have smart or elaborate features that allow them to do some pretty extraordinary things! [SciShow]

What is the Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets?

There are many similarities and differences between our little wing-whipping friends. For starters, all can sting you. That said, you may derive some solace in the fact that when certain of them sting humans, they die- not so when they sting many other animals. The barbed stingers on honey bees particularly end up getting lodged […]

The Second-Ever Case of Full HIV Remission

There’s still a lot of work to be done before HIV is cured, but this week scientists reported the second-ever case of full HIV remission in a patient. [SciShow]

Left Brain Right Brain is a MYTH [Science Video]

It’s said that the left side is mostly in charge of logical behavior such as mathematics, putting things in sequence, language, facts and so on. The right brain has more creative parts like; imagination, intuition, visualizing your feelings and all that kind of thing Because of this, it’s become a common idea that most people […]

Why You Have That Little, Lying Voice in Your Head [Science Video]

If you feel something inside you say, “I really don’t think you’re strong enough,” you don’t necessarily have to trust that little voice—it might not know you as well as you think it does. [SciShow Psych]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein

You probably know him best for his his equation “E = MC2,” but there’S a lot more to know about Albert Einstein. Discover the man behind the brain with “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein.” [Alltime10s]

Science Rap Academy: Climate vs. Weather [Video]

Science teacher Tom McFadden helps kids of all ages make science music videos. In the video above, he had a bunch of 7th graders from The Nueva School in the Bay Area create a science rap teaching us the difference between climate and weather. [Science With Tom]