Mom Teaches Surgery to 5-Year-Old with Playdough [Video]

The Beakfasteur, a mother and a doctor, uses Playdough and other materials to create anatomical models to demonstrate surgical procedures to the uninitiated, including her 5-year-old son. In the video above, she performs a Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair on an inguinal hernia using Playdough. For those interested in other types of surgeries, such as cesarean […]

Your Immune System is More Dangerous than You Think [Science Video]

There is this idea floating around that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That surviving a disease leaves you better off. And it seems to make sense because we have all experienced this. When you go through hardship, often you come out more resilient, more ready to face a difficult situation in the future. […]

Imagination makes us human – this unique ability to envision what doesn’t exist has a long evolutionary history

Your brain can imagine things that haven’t happened or that don’t even exist. agsandrew/iStock via Getty Images Plus Andrey Vyshedskiy, Boston University You can easily picture yourself riding a bicycle across the sky even though that’s not something that can actually happen. You can envision yourself doing something you’ve never done before – like water […]

Cryopreservation: Can you freeze your body and come back to life? [Science Video]

In 1967, James Bedford had a plan to cheat death. He was the first person to be cryogenically frozen. This process promised to preserve his body until a theoretical future when humanity could cure any illness, and essentially, reverse death. So is it possible to freeze a human, preserve them indefinitely, and then thaw them […]

What is gene editing and how could it shape our future?

Gene editing revolutionised science. PopTika/Shutterstock Gavin Bowen-Metcalf, Anglia Ruskin University It is the most exciting time in genetics since the discovery of DNA in 1953. This is mainly due to scientific breakthroughs including the ability to change DNA through a process called gene editing. The potential for this technology is astonishing – from treating genetic […]

Chocolate chemistry – a food scientist explains how the beloved treat gets its flavor, texture and tricky reputation as an ingredient

In what form do you eat your annual share of the approximately 5 million tons of cocoa produced worldwide? Tracey Kusiewicz/Foodie Photography/Moment via Getty Images Sheryl Barringer, The Ohio State University Whether it is enjoyed as creamy milk chocolate truffles, baked in a devilishly dark chocolate cake or even poured as hot cocoa, Americans on […]

Neurosurgeon Answers Brain Surgery Questions From The Internet [Video]

It’s not brain surgery! Well, actually, it is! Neurosurgeon Brian Kopell answers the internet’s burning questions about brain surgery. What’s harder, rocket science or brain surgery? Do you have to be AWAKE during brain surgery? What part of the brain remembers the Jurassic Park theme song? Brian answers all these questions and much more! [Wired]

Important Discoveries That Were Brought to Light by Accident

Accidental discoveries and inventions have often turned out to be some of the most important to human history. While it might seem intuitive to think that all archaeological finds were discovered by archaeologists or that all scientific discoveries were purposely made by scientists, that just isn’t always the case. Sometimes, discoveries are made by ordinary […]