Remembering: The BBC Micro

Last week I wrote about the first computer I ever owned, the Sinclair ZX81. My next step in the computing journey came with the opposition: Acorn’s BBC Micro. The story of the BBC’s origins was at the heart of the recent Micro Men drama. To cut it short, Acorn won the battle over Sinclair to […]


What Windows 7 personality are you?

In anticipation of the general release of Windows 7 on October 22, Microsoft has published a Windows 7 Personality Quiz (via Ina).  Don’t you have to wonder what Windows 7 personality you are?  Will you be “Bloated”, “Overhyped”, or “BSOD?”  Let’s examine this little survey, because one of our favorite activities here on [GAS] is […]

Soda Machine Fail

[Via TechEblog]

Microsoft wants you to host a Windows 7 launch party

I’m not sure about you guys, but I don’t think this is such a good idea… I mean, it sounds like Microsoft wants you to host a tupperware meeting, or something. This might be the absolute worse video the company ever produced, even worse than the Songsmith promotional clip they released a while ago. What […]

Operating Systems Venn Diagram

So, dear readers, do you think this diagram reflects reality or would you put each OS at a different spot? [Via Graphjam]

Advanced DOS Strategies

A quick flashback into to the world of DOS: … and don’t forget folks, always format the B: drive, not the C: drive! [Via BuzzFeed]

Kylie Returns in Cute Windows 7 Ad

Well, it looks like there’s no shortage of cute things this evening. First, a Google Street View stop-motion video, and now, a Windows 7 commercial featuring the one and only Kylie, one of the cutest little girl we’ve seen on television. [Via Gizmodo]

The Lazy Geek Way of Rocking your Baby to Sleep

Using Ubuntu Linux and Open Source DVR MythTV, YouTube user macjonesnz scripted his CD-ROM tray to open and close at regular intervals. He then tied a string from the tray to his baby’s car seat, making it the perfect lazy geek way of putting a newborn to sleep. Brilliant or pathetic? I’ll let you guys […]