Windows Server 2008, A Rescuer For Vista?

This guest post was submitted by Patrick from Piggy Bank Pie. Microsoft is releasing Windows Server 2008 on February 27th, and it seems like the IT community has high expectations as this version introduces many new features. However, Microsoft had high hopes in Vista, its latest desktop operating system, but IT managers have yet to […]

Windows 7: Screenshots and video

Windows Vista hasn’t been the most successful operating system. Since day one it has been plagued with poor support, dwindling sales, and even users who are downgrading to XP after forking over the cash for Microsoft’s latest blunder. Apparently the boys in Redmond have misunderstood the anguished cries of countless Windows users and have decided […]

Mandriva Linux Pwned by Microsoft

Francois Bancilhon, French editor of Mandriva Linux, recently published an open letter to Steve Ballmer on Mandriva’s corporate blog. In his letter, he relates that a few months ago, his corporation won a deal where 17000 PCs destined to Nigerian Schools would be equiped with his Linux distribution. We recently closed a deal with the […]

Steve Ballmer and Linux: A love and hate story

It seems that Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, will never stop hitting the top of the open-source community’s head. Ballmer, during a press conference in London last week, renewed attacks that started a year ago against the world of the “open”. According to Ballmer, Linux and open-source software users currently violate 235 patents that he claims […]

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras: Extra useless?

By Fred Roth, Contributing Writer, [GAS]  As of this month, the first round of Windows Vista Ultimate Extras have been sent out to customers “lucky” enough to have purchased the highest caliber of Microsoft’s newest operating system. These supplemental downloads are available through Windows Update and are described as “Cutting Edge Programs, Innovative Services and […]

Welcome to [GAS] 2.0!

Hello Everyone! We’d like to welcome you all to the new and (we hope) improved [GAS]. This little project of ours has taken a long time to realize, but after a few long months of procrastination, we finally arrived at our destination. As you can see, [GAS] 2.0 is definitely a big step up from […]