Can Your Machine Run Windows 7?

It’s that time again… If you have been reading [GaS], or any other blogs for that matter, you know that there will soon be a new version of the Microsoft operating system. Now are you curious if your faithful machine can handle Windows Seven? You are? Then we have a little application for you!

Microsoft continues and expands attacks on Apple

Microsoft has accompanied the third of its anti-Apple commercials with a creative document detailing what it calls the ‘Apple Tax’. The latest ad follows the same theme: ‘ordinary’ shoppers (this time a mother and son) head out with a $1,500 budget and wind up choosing a PC over a Mac. This time the requirements are […]

Microsoft includes Apple stores in TV ad

Microsoft’s latest TV commercials take a stark step forward for the firm: it flat out acknowledges Apple. In the past, Microsoft advertising had always focused entirely on its own products, unlike Apple which runs the direct comparison tactics of ‘PC vs Mac’. Even when Microsoft threw in a not-so-subtle reference in its ‘I’m a PC’ […]

HOW TO: Reset your Lost 2003 Active Directory Admin Password

AskTheAdmin is back again with another “how to” for the GAS readers. Today’s tutorial will be covering a technique that will allow you to reset your lost 2003 Active Directory Administrator Password. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us and you are not alone. I have never had this happen to me in […]

HOW TO: Get back in Windows after losing your password

Hey there GAS readers! AskTheAdmin here guest posting on how to recover YOUR Windows password. This is not meant as a how-to hack your friend, girlfriend, dog or lover’s computer, but as a way to get you back into your Windows machine as a last resort. If you have another username and password on this […]

Cuba launches its own Linux distro: Nova

At Cuba’s annual Conference on Communication and Technologies in Havana, the Cuban government unveiled its latest weapon against the U.S. capitalist devils (aka Microsoft): a new distribution of Linux, called Nova. The motivation for this project is at least three-fold.  First and foremost, the Cuban government is worried about rumored back doors in Microsoft’s closed operating […]

The Truth Behind Windows Automatic Updates

Most geeks running Windows disable the OS’s automatic update feature at installation, but in case you never did, or if you remember that dialog box from your distant past, this picture should bring a chuckle out of you. [Via TechEblog]

College Girl Drops Out of School Because of… Ubuntu?

Hmmm… don’t you find her excuses just a little… how should I say… pathetic? Yep, I think that’s the correct word. [Via [H]]

Antivirus 2009 Fail – A Good Reason to Use Linux

Can you spot anything wrong in this picture? It probably won’t be what most of you will think right away. Click to enlarge Now, if you “got it”, do you really need another reason to switch? [Via Digg]

gOS’s New Cloud Operating System Looks Awesome

In the following video, the folks from Eee PC (German) give us their first impression of gOS’s new Cloud OS, which should be launched in January 2009, just in time for the next CES tradeshow. Check it out, it looks awesome. Basically, the only thing that gOS does is to boot directly into a Chrome-like […]

What to expect from Vista SP2

For those of you who are interested, ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley has posted a fairly detailed list of the upcoming changes that will be included with Windows Vista SP2. In addition to all previously released security updates, the new service pack will add some additional features to Vista such as native Blu-Ray support and a new […]

Minority Report Computing Soon to Become Reality

We’ve been talking about how multi-touch technologies would soon make spatial gesture computing a possibility, a bit like what we see happening in Steven Spielberg’s movie, Minority Report. Well folks, it seems that the day when we’ll be able to manipulate data and object in real 3D space isn’t that far off. Dubbed g-speak, Oblong‘s […]