Apple Releases Windows 7-Bashing Commercials

As was expected, it didn’t take very long for Apple to release a series of Windows 7-bashing ads. Check them out below… and be sure to let us know your thoughts about them in the comments after. Broken Promises Teeter Tottering PC News

Are you a student? Get Windows Server 2008 R2 for FREE!

Hey Students! Are you currently taking, or planning to take, IT classes? Then this is an offer you won’t want to miss. Thanks to their DreamSpark program, Microsoft is currently offering Windows Server 2008 R2 to eligible high school and college students… for free! You do need a Windows Live ID and a valid student […]

Remembering: The BBC Micro

Last week I wrote about the first computer I ever owned, the Sinclair ZX81. My next step in the computing journey came with the opposition: Acorn’s BBC Micro. The story of the BBC’s origins was at the heart of the recent Micro Men drama. To cut it short, Acorn won the battle over Sinclair to […]

What Windows 7 personality are you?

In anticipation of the general release of Windows 7 on October 22, Microsoft has published a Windows 7 Personality Quiz (via Ina).  Don’t you have to wonder what Windows 7 personality you are?  Will you be “Bloated”, “Overhyped”, or “BSOD?”  Let’s examine this little survey, because one of our favorite activities here on [GAS] is […]

Soda Machine Fail

[Via TechEblog]

Microsoft wants you to host a Windows 7 launch party

I’m not sure about you guys, but I don’t think this is such a good idea… I mean, it sounds like Microsoft wants you to host a tupperware meeting, or something. This might be the absolute worse video the company ever produced, even worse than the Songsmith promotional clip they released a while ago. What […]

Operating Systems Venn Diagram

So, dear readers, do you think this diagram reflects reality or would you put each OS at a different spot? [Via Graphjam]

Advanced DOS Strategies

A quick flashback into to the world of DOS: … and don’t forget folks, always format the B: drive, not the C: drive! [Via BuzzFeed]

Kylie Returns in Cute Windows 7 Ad

Well, it looks like there’s no shortage of cute things this evening. First, a Google Street View stop-motion video, and now, a Windows 7 commercial featuring the one and only Kylie, one of the cutest little girl we’ve seen on television. [Via Gizmodo]

The Lazy Geek Way of Rocking your Baby to Sleep

Using Ubuntu Linux and Open Source DVR MythTV, YouTube user macjonesnz scripted his CD-ROM tray to open and close at regular intervals. He then tied a string from the tray to his baby’s car seat, making it the perfect lazy geek way of putting a newborn to sleep. Brilliant or pathetic? I’ll let you guys […]

Happy Birthday, Unix!

This month Unix celebrates its 40th birthday. Though for being over the hill, the operating system just seems to be getting better with age… or at least it’s definitely not become obsolete. In 1969, Ken Thompson, a researcher at Bell Labs who had previously been working on a larger operating system project when AT&T pulled […]

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Now Available for Pre-Order

Just a quick heads up for those of you running Intel-based Mac boxes. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is now available for pre-order on for $29, shipping included. The new version features a more responsive Finder, a smaller install footprint, quicker time machine backup, and plenty more. Please note that only OS X Leopard […]