Amazon Echo Range Expands With Devices For Your Whole Home

Amazon has unveiled a batch of new Echo gadgets along with a new edition of the original device. It’s also releasing a 4K 60fps version of the Fire TV stick. The new 2nd generation Echo isn’t overwhelmingly different to the original, though it’s got a slightly different shape and more options for casing design. The […]

Ataribox To Be a ‘PC Gaming’ Console

The maker of the new Atari console says it will be closer to a mid-range gaming PC than a retro emulator. The first publicity shots of the Ataribox revealed only that it was in the style of the wooden-look Atari 2600, leading many to assume it was simply the latest in a line of retro […]

Video Game Voice Strike Ends

A strike by video game voice actors has ended after 11 months. The union has reached a deal with 11 games companies that sees both sides compromise. The strike, by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, was the longest in SAG history, covering both voiceover and on-screen actors. It led to […]

YouTube Ads Auto-Cut To Fit Specific Viewer

YouTube ads are set to get far more personalised thanks to Google tools that will automatically show one of “hundreds or thousands of versions” of the same ad. The specific combination will be based on information Google has about a viewer including their browsing history, app downloads and even location history. The new tools, Director […]

Secret Study: Piracy No Big Deal

A European government study found little evidence that piracy affects sales of anything other than “recently released blockbusters.” Despite being completed in May 2015, it appears not to have been published until now. The study has come to light on the blog of Julia Reda, the only politician from a national Pirate Party to currently […]

Amazon Working On Alexa Glasses

Amazon is said to be developing a pair of smart glasses. Unlike the controversial Google Glass, they won’t involve cameras or screens and instead will simply be another way to use the Alexa personal assistant. The idea seems to be to make it easier to use Alexa on a smartphone without needing to dig the […]

YouTube Battles Twitch With ‘Sponsorship’ Program

YouTube is to expand a program letting game streamers earn money directly from viewers. It comes across as a clear attempt to compete with the success of Twitch. Though the Sponsorships program already existed in beta form, it was largely downplayed in favour of a separate scheme for paid access to view a channel. That’s […]

Upcoming Wireless Charger ‘Doesn’t Need Pad’

Genuinely wireless charging could be on the way according to one manufacturer that says its tweaked Qi charging. It would mean an end to having to line up devices on a ‘wireless’ pad. The Pi charger, expected to ship next year for under $200, can reportedly charge up to four or five devices at once. […]