Overwatch Gets Pro League With City Franchises

Blizzard has announced seven teams for a city-based Overwatch league. The NFL-franchise style league will include owners from sports and business. Unlike most North American sport leagues, the franchised teams will cover the globe, with the initial teams being in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami/Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. The plan is to […]

Web Giants Plan Net Neutrality Protest

Your Internet experience will probably suck worse than usual on Wednesday. It’s part of a coordinated “day of action” to protest planned changes that would reduce the enforcement of net neutrality. Back in May the Federal Communications Commission, which has changed both its leadership and political make-up since the last US elections, formally proposed reclassifying […]

PS4 Games Come To PC Via PlayStation Now

PS4 games are now available on PC for PlayStation Now subscribers. As you might expect, most of the titles are a couple of years old. In the US, there’ll initially be 20 PS4 titles on the service: Akiba’s Beat Broken Age Castlestorm Definitive Edition Darksiders II Deathfinitive Edition Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Evolve Exist Archive: […]

GTA Modding Tool OpenIV Returns

Popular GTA modding tool OpenIV is once again available for download. It appears Take-Two was given enough reassurances that it won’t pursue legal action. The software was removed from download last month after Take-Two sent a legal letter demanding it be shut down. At the time Take-Two said publicly that the move was because the […]

Road Surface Could Generate Power

The notorious traffic of Los Angeles could generate electricity via crystals in the road surface. A pilot study aims to replicate existing set-ups that turn footsteps into power. The study will try to exploit piezoelectricity, which takes advantage of the fact that mechanical stress applied to some materials including crystals will build up an electric […]