Apple Wants Self-Fitting Watch Band

Apple is working on self-tightening bands for the Apple Watch. Despite getting a patent, it hasn’t actually decided how it will work. While putting on a watch isn’t exactly life’s most cumbersome task, an automatically tightening band would allow more precise fitting than using a buckle and holes. (That said, Apple did recently sell a […]

No, Apple Isn’t Slowing Down Old iPhones

Independent benchmarking has dispelled the theory that Apple deliberately slows down existing iPhones when a new model is released. While it’s normally preceded by phrases like “I’m sure I’m imagining it, but…”, it’s certainly not uncommon to see people mentioning their handset feels like it’s running slower when a new release is imminent. Indeed, Google […]

Netflix Price Hike Coming

Netflix is raising its US monthly prices by up to two dollars. Unlike previous hikes, there won’t be any grandfathering. In the US, the basic plan, which covers one simultaneous stream only and no HD, remains at $7.99. The standard plan, covering two screens and HD, is going from $9.99 to $10.99. The premium plan, […]

AAA: Car Touchscreens Too Distracting

AAA says on-board technology such as touchscreens could be distracting drivers and risking safety. It wants car makers to disable some features such as programming a navigation route while the vehicle is moving. The organisation’s Foundation for Traffic Safety ran a study of thirty 2017 model cars in which drivers carried out three hours of […]

Stranger Things Gets Mobile Game

There’s now a Stranger Things video game and it’s appropriately retro in look. Available on Android and iOS, it’s a touchscreen controlled over-head view action game with 80s-style pixelly graphics. The gameplay itself is a combination of puzzle solving and combat, with a storyline that’s loosely based on the TV show. Players start out controlling […]

Skyrim Adds New Survival Mode

A new official Skyrim mode challenges you to battle the elements with more realistic health effects. Survival Mode is those who like a challenge rather than those who prefer the escapism of the game. The mode means your character will be affected by hunger, fatigue and cold. Specifically: Going a long period without food will […]