Global Smartphone Sales Suffer First Fall

The number of smartphones sold worldwide has fallen for the first time, but it’s still a ridiculously huge industry. The figures come from Gartner and are (well-informed) estimates, though the trends should be accurate as the company has been tracking sales since 2004. They refer specifically to sales to users rather than shipments to retailers. […]

Google ‘Smart Reply’ Coming To More Apps

Google is extending its ‘smart reply’ feature to third-party apps. It’s also going to get a little smarter when suggesting replies. The feature is already available in the mobile Gmail app. When reading an incoming message, users see three suggested quick replies that are based on the content of the message. Tapping any of the […]

Facebook Using Postcards To Verify Political Ad Buyers

Facebook is resorting to old-school communication to make it harder for foreign agents to interfere with US elections. It will use postcard to send verification codes to would-be election ad-buyers. To start off, the move will affect anyone who wants to place an ad that mentions a candidate in the 2018 mid-term elections by name. […]

Blockchain Could Fight Child Labor

Blockchain enthusiasts often stress how the concept isn’t just about cryptocurrencies and a planned program in Africa could prove that point. The idea is to use a blockchain to boost the fight against child labor in cobalt mining. Cobalt is a key material in producing the lithium ion batteries that make pocket-sized cellphones practical. More […]

Glass Walls Cause Mishaps In Apple’s Gigantic New HQ

Apple’s new headquarters features numerous interior walls and doors made from glass. Unfortunately the seemingly obvious has happened. Apple Park took four years to build and reportedly cost more than $5 billion. Designed by famed architect Norman Foster, it followed on from the instructions of the late Steve Jobs who wanted a way to keep […]

Twitch To Users: Behave Yourself Across The Net

Twitch says it may suspend users for hateful or harassing behavior on other sites and services. It’s also introducing a dress code for users who stream video of themselves. It’s part of a toughening up of the site’s community guidelines that will now involve an “immediate indefinite suspension” for conduct Twitch deems to be hateful. […]