The Truth About Mario’s Belly And Toad’s Head

Mario might be getting a belly button to go along with his nipples, Nintendo has revealed. And no, Toad isn’t wearing a hat. The company has put out a Twitter video (below) where Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi answers questions from fans. It turns out people aren’t interested in framerates or cheat codes as […]

Amazon Tells Alexa To Ignore Own Name

An Amazon patent confirms a theory that commercials for Alexa voice control include a secret message to stop Amazon gadgets being triggered. Amazon also says it can now respond to unexpected high-profile mentions. Because the Echo range of smart speakers aren’t specifically tied to a user’s voice, there’s a risk that any audio of somebody […]

YouTube ‘Cable TV’ Comes To Apple TV, Roku, and More!

YouTube’s live TV service is now on Apple TV and Roku. It means most streaming TV devices now support the ‘cord cutting’ service, though still with some key exceptions. YouTube TV costs $35 a month and combines live streams of 40 stations, along with a virtual DVR where you can ‘record’ a show and watch […]

Cryptocurrencies Causing GPU Price Hikes

Cryptocurrency mining is driving graphic card prices so high that both manufacturers and retailers are looking at ways to make sure gamers can still get them. Polygon’s Samit Sarkar notes that originally the problem was only affecting top-end cards, for example the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 now going for almost double its listed retail price. […]

Politician Asks If Loot Boxes Are Gambling

A Washington state politician says video game “loot boxes” could be classed as gambling. Kevin Ranker wants to force the state’s gambling commission to investigate the issue. Ranker has introduced a bill in the state Senate that wouldn’t affect loot boxes themselves but rather would force the commission to carry out a formal study and […]