A Visit of Master Maskmaker Jordu Schell’s Studio And How He Makes Monsters Come Alive [Video]

Jordu Schell is a master of monster masks. He designs creatures for movies, television and video games, and has worked on countless projects that you’ve most certainly heard of. Jordu takes us around his studio as he explains his entire, legendary, mask making process. [WIRED]

Son of the Year Translates The Hobbit in Erebor Dwarven Runes for Dad’s Christmas Present

Many ages ago, Liam Butler‘s father wrote a letter to Christopher Tolkien, asking him if it would be possible to release a new edition of The Hobbit entirely written in Erebor Dwarven runes. Unsurprisingly, he never got a reply. I’m sure Christopher Tolkien had better things to do than to translate a full book into […]

Celebrities as the Hulk [Gallery]

Digital artist Bexxperience uses the Stable Diffusion AI image generation tool to create illustrations that might bend your perception of reality a little. In this series of pictures, the artist “asked” the AI to transform various celebrities into The Hulk, and as you’ll see, in most cases, the results are quite convincing!