Star Wars: Yes vs. No

Star wars by the numbers! How many times is “yes” and “no” said in Star Wars? Find out in this video. I can’t believe someone took the time to do this. [Star Wars Kids] Advertisements


In the Fridge: A Supercut of Movie Characters Opening Up Their Refrigerator

A fun supercut taking a look at various movie characters opening up their refrigerator and looking around inside. From Roman Holiday: Although this montage in it’s current state is fine and dandy, to me it’s still quite incomplete. That’s why I’m asking you (YES YOU!) to give me a hand. This video’s been a long […]

There’s a Really Cool Stan Lee Tribute in World of Warcraft! [Video]

We’ve seen countless tributes to Stan Lee since the legend has passed away back in November 2018, and now, the folks at Blizzard have added another one in World of Warcraft via Patch 8.1.5. If you want to find Stan, head over to Stormwind Keep where you can see him walking around, occasionally waving and […]

Nerf Wild West: The Spaghetti Western [Video]

Nerf finds its way into a spaghetti western. Two cowboys duel to find out who’s the fastest gunslinger in the West. [NukaZooka]

Choose Your Own Adventure in a Restaurant: A Bandersnatch Parody

A Bandersnatch-style parody of something that happens in restaurants on a regular basis… [Shift Drinks]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: An Intro theme Banjo Cover [Video]

From Banjo Guy Ollie: Happy new year motherfolkers! What better way to start kicking the new year than with a cover of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original series intro theme. Back then that intro got your blood pumping with its slick full frames animated style. And while the cartoon itself was much tamer than […]

This Metal Legend of Zelda Cover is Headbangingly Good! [Video]

A fantastic metal cover of the Legend of Zelda theme by August Burns Red. [Fearless Records]