When You Max Out Stealth in RPGs [Video]

Eugene has a large sum of money and needs protection… [Viva la Dirt League]

Presenting Deerdevil [Comic]

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An Easy Choice [Comic]

[Source: Becks Comics]

50 Awesome D&D Pick-up Lines [Video]

Here are 50 awesome D&D pick-up lines by Youtuber Ginny Di. Loved this one: “On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a natural 20.” Watch below: [Ginny Di]

The Adventures of Clark Kent [Comic]

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The Lion King – Circle Of Life: A Rubber Chicken Cover

A Rubber Chicken cover of The Circle of Life from The Lion King. Yes, it’s just as goofy as you’d imagine, and it’ll make you smile! [Chickensan]

You’re It [Comic]

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Squeaky Clean [Comic]

Committing atrocities in the Sims is way too easy, it’s almost scary. A comic by artist Becks. [Source: @Beckscomics on Instagram]