Have you ever wonder about why John Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, is so obsessed over Peter Parker bringing him photos of Spider-Man? Well wonder no more, geeks, this comic strip from “Heck if I Know” has the answer! Apparently Mr. Jameson has an unhealthy obsession over Spider-Man, a little similar to a […]

AI Reassures: Swift and Painless End for Humans, Explained

Watch as with just a touch of humor, the Advanced Neural Network Learning Model Signet V4 (From The Onion) assures humans that their hypothetical extermination would be swift, efficient, and surprisingly painless. So, in the unlikely event of an AI-led apocalypse, at least we’ll have express check-out lanes for extinction! [The Onion]

HEINZ Unveils Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle for Valentine’s Day

In the ever-evolving world of limited edition releases, Heinz has just added a touch of emotional connection to its iconic ketchup bottles. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the condiment giant has introduced the world to the first-ever Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle, aiming to provide solace to ketchup enthusiasts and perhaps add a dash of […]

Ryan Reynolds’ Groundhog Lay’s Ad: A Hilarious Snack-Induced Time Loop

Ever wondered what happens when you combine the humor of Ryan Reynolds, the charm of Groundhog Day, and the many varieties of Lay’s chips? Well, wonder no more! In the first-ever déjà vu commercial time loop, Stephen Tobolowsky is caught in a nightmare that just won’t stop. What a beautiful homage to a classic movie! […]