Wii Fit?

SarcasticGamer.com presents a satirical look at Wii Fit, one of Nintendo’s “Big” announcements at the E3 Media and Business Summit. Wii Fit was billed as a fitness breakthrough in the world of computer gaming. What? Fitness breakthrough? How ridiculous! It just looks like standing around to us.

Breaking News: The Entire Internet has Crashed

Yesterday night, millions of people have experienced something that most of us would have thought impossible in this lifetime: The entire Internet has crashed. At an emergency press conference, Whitehouse press secretary Tony Snow admitted that unfortunately, the U.S. government does not have a backup of the Internet. Here is a news report giving more […]

iPhree: Reclaim your Freedom!

The iPhree is an all new revolutionary third party add-on for the iPhone. It will allow you to use your iPhone while keeping your hands free, so you can continue doing your everyday tasks while enjoying the power of your new toy! Some optional accessories are also available for the iPhree. Here they are: Think […]

Transformers out today!

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] …but, poor Soundwave didn’t make the cut into the new film. Check out this documentary of one of our most beloved Decepticons (think VH1: “Where are they now?”). Note: the f-bombs are dropped a couple times, but the video is hilarious nonetheless!