Amazon Deal: Get a SSD/HDD External Enclosure for Just $8.99 (With Promo Code)

If you’re like me, you have a few drives laying around your house, and getting some old files from them can really be a hassle… unless you have an external enclosure. Today, we have a really, really cheap one (with excellent reviews) for you: Just $8.99 instead of $29.99 by using promo code IXSB8PW8 at […]

Deal of the Day: Save on Select PC Components and Accessories + MORE Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers some interesting savings on select PC components and accessories such as video cards, RAM, SSDs, a 24-inch LED-lit monitor, and MORE! Most of what you need to build a new PC is available! –Save on Select PC Components and Accessories Other Deals –Up to 40% […]

Xbox One/PS4 Upgrades Confirmed

Sony and Microsoft have both confirmed upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One with support for 4K graphics. Sony also detailed some of the high-profile virtual reality games on the way. Sony hasn’t revealed any details about the new machine other than confirming it will be named the Neo, replacing the codename of “PS4.5” […]

Deal of the Day: Save on select Kingston and HyperX Computer Products – SSDs, RAM, Gaming Headsets + MORE Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering some great deals on select Kingston and HyperX computer products such as SSDs, RAM (For PC or Laptops), flash memory, gaming headsets, and more! At $37 for a 120GB SSD drive, I don’t think you’ll find it cheaper elsewhere! –Save BIG select Kingston and […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Get Fallout 4 (PS4, XBox One, or PC) for Just $29!

You haven’t played Fallout 4 yet? If you haven’T now is the time! For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering Fallout 4 (PS4, PC, Xbox One) for just $29 (Give or take a few cents!) Strangely, the price is only for the disc versions, the digital download editions are at full […]

The Queen of Shitty Robots is Back With a Hair Washing Robot [Video]

I don’t think I need to introduce Simone Giertz to you guys anymore since I’ve posted most of the crappy robots she built since she launched her Youtube channel. Today, Simone is back, and this time, she’s trying to automate hair washing. This one is almost as good as her alarm clock robot. Almost. [Simone […]

Deal of the Day: Save Up to 50% Off Select APC Power Products (Surge Protectors, UPSs, Power Packs)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 50% off on select APC power products such as surge protectors, uninterruptible power supply (ups) and power banks! [Save Up to 50% Off Select APC Power Products]

Wii U’s Days May Be Numbered

A Japanese newspaper claims Nintendo will drop production of the Wii U this year. Nintendo has responded with what may be a denial. The report in Nikkei appears to be based on getting word from component manufacturers that they’ve stopped producing some of the parts used in the console. The plan seems to be to […]

PS4 May Get 4K Upgrade

Sony is said to be working on an upgrade to the PS4 to support 4K resolution. It may work without the need to buy a whole new console. The report from Kotaku is based on conversations with unnamed developers who’ve received word from Sony. The main change would be an upgraded GPU that would be […]

PlayStation VR: $399 In October

Sony has confirmed the PlayStation VR will cost $399, considerably cheaper than high-profile rivals. However, the release date has slipped back to October, later than planned. The $399 price compares with $599 for the Oculus Rift and $799 for the HTC Vive. It will need a PS4 console whereas the other two will need a […]

Sony VR Could Become Standalone Device

Just 27 years after Nintendo’s Power Glove, Sony has patented its own gaming glove. The patent documents also reveals the PlayStation virtual reality headset could be a standalone console. The details come in three patent filings that have just been approved and publicly published. One is for a device with a working title of “Glove […]

The Game Boy, a Hardware Autopsy – Part 1: the CPU [Video]

A fascinating look at how the original Game Boy works. This one will especially be of interest to all you tech heads out there. Have you ever wondered how the Game Boy works? How the games that defined the history of the handheld world were made? This video hopes to answer these questions and more […]