Michael Jackson’s Thriller Performed by a Hardware Orchestra [Video]

Watch as Paweł Zadrożniak’s Flopportron performs a geektastic version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or a variety of computer peripherals, including scanners, hard drives, and floppy drives. [Paweł Zadrożniak] Advertisements


The Evolution of Computer Motherboards: From 1990 to Today

PC motherboard technologies and developments from the early 1990s to the present day. For some, this will be pure retro computing nostalgia. For others, a peek into the history of the desktop PC. [xplainingComputers | Via BoingBoing]

The History Behind Ctrl+Alt+Del

We’ve only got one life to live, but thanks to three simple keystrokes, at least we can restart our PCs! This is the story of how one clever man created Control-Alt-Delete: a relatively tiny engineering tweak that changed IBM computers, and mortal existence as we know it. [Great Big Story]

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HOW TO: Fix your PC with a crystal pendulum [Video]

How to fix your PC using a pendulum, channeling the mystical energy field around all electronic things to solve computer problems. Please note that calibrating your pendulum using a photo of Steve Ballmer is of utmost importance, even though he’s not CEO of Microsoft anymore. [dowsingdan | Via TA]

This Dual Hard Drive (2.5″/3.5″) Docking Station With Duplicator/Cloner Function is Just $19! (Today Only!)

If you have some old hard drives or SSDs that you need to access at home, this dual docking station will allow you to access them just like an external drive from any computer with a USB interface. It can even clone one drive to the other without being connected to a system! Amazon currently […]

Learn All About Building a New Computer With the “How to Build a Computer Bundle” – $19 (94% Off)

Thanks to the “How to Build a Computer Bundle,” you’ll be on your way to building your own custom PC (or dramatically improving your current one!) 5 online courses for just $19 (94% Off.) What’s included: -How to Build a Computer from Scratch: Complete Blueprint -Advanced Computer Hardware Modifications: Colder and Faster -Computer Network Cabling: […]