Cassandra, Wherever You Are, We Geeks Salute You

So someone ordered an older Zelda game from Ebay, and wouldn’t you know, when they opened it they found a nice little surprise in the form of another Nintendo classic. Cassandra, whoever you are, you are why we love geeks and love being geeks. [Reddit]

The Force Awakens Themed Nintendo 64 [Pics + Video]

Every geek who saw The Force Awakens is geeking out hard right now and for good reason. Someone made an awesome Star Wars movie again, finally. One place you can expect to see that Force Awakens love reflected is in mods of consoles, such as this Nintendo 64 modded to look like it was found […]

The 12 Fails of Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought now would be a perfect time to share some Christmas fails with you all, so you feel better about your own impending and inevitable Christmas fails this week. (FailArmy)

John Boyega’s Friends Keep Him Humble After ‘Force Awakens’ Premiere

He seems like a very humble man, so wishing him all the continued success in 2016. Just shows you why we keep our friends in our lives: They keep us grounded. [Imgur]

5 Things Gamers HATE About Christmas

Though Christmas is a beloved season for geeks because it is usually when we get the coolest stuff, there are some things that geeks and gamers actually hate about the Christmas season. Though some of you may not agree with all the points on this list, there are a few solid ones. Come on, we […]

100 Ways To Die In Fallout 4

Because the commonwealth is just not a safe place. Just trust me, I live there in real life. It’s not far off from Fallout’s version. [Hunter Normandy]

The Lightsaber: 10 Things You Didn’t Know!

We all know the lightsaber is the greatest fictional weapon of all time. But unless you study all the games and books and EU of Star Wars, you know less than you think about these stellar blades of pure light. Now, thanks to VariantComics, you know even more.

Street Fighter: Resurrection Teaser [Video]

Yes, Machinima is making a new show based on the Street Fighter games. Can’t decide whether we should be excited or scared.