The 9 Greatest Years in the Life of Studio Ghibli

You cannot bring up Studio Ghibli as a geek and not smile. They have brought us so many amazing animated classics. So many in fact, any fan of animation can tell you it is quite hard to pick a favorite (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and so many more). But like any good animation studio, […]

The 30 Best Games of E3 2015

E3 was a spectacle this year, and very few have walked away from E3 2015 not stunned by something. That show had something for everyone. From Sony’s unbelievable game lineup to Microsoft’s amazing new controller and 3D hologram minecraft, this was the most tech-impressive E3 yet. But what games stood above the crowd as the […]

10 Twisted Vault Experiments You Can Try In ‘Fallout Shelter’

Fallout Shelter has really been keeping people busy while waiting for Fallout 4. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t like some cruel human torture based on sociology experiments? That is basic fun for all! And that is just what Fallout Shelter is as well (if you want it to be). The more people who […]

Maybe The Coolest Piece of “Venom” Art Yet

The artist’s name is  Stéphane Perger, and the work is absolutely astounding. Saw this piece on SuperPunch and felt obligated to share it because of how it captures the ferocity of the relationship between Spider-Man and his alien symbiotic suit (which would go on to become Venom, a Spidey villain fan favorite, as I am […]

Just Wow: Man Builds Mad Max’s Interceptor Car In Real Life

There are no words I can use to sum up how awesome this is. Guy took a ’72 Ford Falcon and turned it into Mad Max’s car (which gets destroyed at the very beginning of Fury Road but it gets seen a great deal more in earlier films in the series). It only cost him […]

12 Inches of Magic: New Retro Deadpool Secret Wars Toy Revealed

For me, Deadpool owns the Marvel universe. Honestly, just my opinion. He was one of Marvel’s first real comics that stopped pandering and was aimed at adults. Funny, violent, and self-aware, he was the comic book ‘hero’ we may not have NEEDED, but we definitely wanted. Good news, Deadpool fans. There is a new Deadpool […]

The 10 Best New Games at E3 2015

Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. Last Guardian. And Last Guardian. As you will see, the above list is a great deal more open-minded and actually picked ten DIFFERENT games from E3 2015 to make you drool. I won’t say someone “won”, but I will […]

The ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Trailer is Here!

So we get Kung Fu Panda 3 and Fallout 4, all announced in the same week? Damn right it was a good week. *Drops microphone and walks away (Via IGN)