The Perfect Ride for Gotham City Soccer Moms: The Rezvani Vengeance

So yeah, there’s this totally overkill armored SUV out there called the Rezvani Vengeance, and it’s the perfect ride for all the soccer moms out there living in Gotham City. The vehicle’s price? Just $495,000! Watch this totally hilarious video featuring @Mobile_mama‘s review of the Vengeance.


Is the Rezvani Vengeance the safest vehicle for you and your kiddos or what, Mama? #rezvani #luxury #rezvanivengeance #cartok #momsoftiktok #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #fyp #fy #mom #family #military

♬ original sound – Mobile_Mama

Yep, it totally looks like a Decepticon, or something that was designed by Batman himself… and I kind of want one! Unfortunately, just the gas that you have to put in it would probably make me go bankrupt. I guess I’ll just have to stick to my Kia.

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