Phoenix Comicon 2016 [GALLERY + VIDEO]

The 16th Annual Phoenix Comicon took place June 2-5 at the Phoenix Convention Center, and the 117-degree heat(!!!) didn’t stop thousands from donning their cosplay best. Check out the music video by Rincon Studios and the below photo gallery, with images taken by yours truly (Lauren Berkley) and Ryan Casey. Advertisements


Star Trek: TNG One-Piece Swimsuits (Now Back in Stock!)

Update: Just a quick update to let you know that the Star Trek: TNG swimsuits are now back in stock over at Thinkgeek, and since a lot of people have complained about the confusing sizing table, the product page now has an updated and easier to understand version! I know a few ladies who’ll be […]

Game of Thrones Memes: Khal Drogo Vs. Khal No-Go

When it comes to come cheaper brands, sometimes you can’t even tell the difference. I have some generic Crunch Berries (with marshmallows!) right now in my cabinet that are just as awesome as the real thing (but +10 points for the ‘mallows). But some stuff you just can’t skimp on. Seems this Imgur user and […]

The “Game of Thrones” Dilemma

The good fellows over at Kotaku have come up with a rather interesting article in the wake of this week’s Game of Thrones season premier. As many of you know, this season of the stellar HBO fantasy series based on the best selling books by George R. R. Martin will be deterring from the books […]

The Geektastic Pop Art of Béatrix [Gallery + Opening Exhibition]

My wife and I love paintings, and thanks to a longtime friend of mine, we recently met a talented young artist named Béatrix who will do her first vernissage (opening exhibition) next Saturday, April 23, 2016, in Montreal. Béatrix has never liked being ‘name-tagged’ as an artist and the clichés that come with the name, […]

5 Extraordinary & Mind Blowing Sea Creatures

The ocean is a deep, scary place filled with things we haven’t even yet discovered. It is essentially outer space, but on our own planet. That means we know it is inhabited with weird-ass creatures by default. Here are five extraordinary and mind blowing sea creatures you may not have known about (and been better […]

Mark Hamill Proves Once Again Why He Is a Geek God [Pics + Video]

This just stands as a testimonial to how cool Luke Skywalk…I mean Mark Hamill really is. Side note, headline for this on Reddit was “Mark Hamill is such a Joker.” Points to all the geeks who get the reference within a reference there. All hail Hamill. He who shall restore balance to the force! Edit: […]

New Podcast Series Explores the Science of Crime Scenes

Detective Zack Foxen works for a police department in Georgia and he’s a huge nerd, especially when it comes to science — and fighting crime! His passion for solving crimes — and a prior background in theater and video production — led him to create “Forensic Geek Radio,” a podcast where he explores everything from the latest […]