Microsoft agrees to free repairs on E74 Xbox bug

Microsoft has agreed to extended the warranty on the Xbox 360 to cover the ‘E74’ error. This bug is different to the much-publicized ‘red ring of death’. It’s indicated by one quadrant of the power indicator glowing, and an on-screen message displaying the error code E74 and informing users to contact Xbox customer support. Once […]

Feature: Wait, did you say “Flamethrower”? – The Robogames Combat Robots

Combat robots aren’t exactly new – the first season of the Comedy Central show “Battlebots” aired in 2000 and the games had been going strong since 1997. What’s interesting, however, is how 11 years of robot evolution have affected the sport. Back in 2002, the spinners ruled the day. But today’s robots are meaner than […]

Oregon Trail Makes the Long, Arduous Journey to iPhone

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] My iPhone says I’ve died of dysentery. Though somehow, the fact that it comes from a cute little cartoon makes the blow a little easier to take than back in a computer lab twenty years ago with the green-and-black pixels of the original Oregon Trail. Last week, Oregon Trail […]