Star Trek Online Launches Open Beta

Star Trek Online

As of yesterday, the open beta period for Star Trek Online is underway. There are supposedly still beta keys available, but the list of partners that are giving them away (in batches of 1000 each) seems to be largely tapped out. If you’ve missed out but have pre-ordered the game, you’ll still get a slight headstart though – starting on January 29.

The word on the street so far is that the game might be perfect for hardcore Trek fans. But this isn’t WoW-in-Space, whether you would consider that to be a good or bad thing. Most of the action takes place from the bridge of a ship, involving long-term tactical combat (though there are apparently away team missions as well).

There seem to be no plans for a Mac version of the game, which excludes the gamers/Trek fans like myself, but if the number of open beta keys snatched up so quickly are any indication, the launch is going to be a big one. Has anyone already been playing the game? If so, what do you think?


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  1. That's what Boot Camp partitions were invented for! I've been playing Champions Online, and am totally ecstatic about STO! I just need to get it to download….

  2. Enjoy it thoroughly, enough that I dream about it. Same thing happened when I started playing WOW(I've quit WOW now). It has entered my psyche so much that my daughter was crying in the middle of the night, and in my lucidness thought, awww, she's lost her ship. I of course woke up at that point and comforted her, but it did make me realize how much I enjoy the game…. It is not a WOW in space! Nor would I want it to be. It's not an EVE either. It is it's own game thankfully.

  3. I started playing the Open Beta Thursday and really enjoyed, even though I was playing on an antiquated PC so it bogged down at times. It was still a nice change from the traditional fantasy MMO. I liked the combination of ship to ship combat and beaming down to perform more traditional on-the-ground quests.

  4. I've been playing STO since closed beta on my iMac i7 with Boot Camp and Windows 7. Works like a charm, so don't think Mac users can't play, cause we can!

    Overall I like the game a great deal. It still needs more varied types of missions and a bit more overall story arc but I think Cryptic has done a great job. I'm very happy with Star Trek Online and I think most Trekkies will be too.

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